I want to thank you for visiting the website today. I really am happy that you took your time to stop by. I bet I know what you are thinking. “Who is this Robert Parkerson guy and why should I hire him for my event as a keynote speaker or trainer?” OR “Why should I listen to him as a business consultant?” Well, really, it is very simple.

* Motivate and inspire your team to take personal responsibility for their own success!
* Teach you how to set indicators to check progress toward your goal!
* Show you three simple techniques to drastically improve communication skills!
* Uncover how to create instant credibility and trust!
* Obliterate the "profit suckers" in your business!


The best way for us to describe Mr. Parkerson is ‘incredibly effective.’ His presentation is the single best answer to companies who want to see their employees/agents become more profitable than they have ever been. Forget learning all of those complicated ‘closing techniques’ and ‘closes,’ all you really need are Robert’s principles! He has a track record of tremendous success in helping companies energize, engage, and empower their top leaders to new levels of success.
Anne Yung, Coca-Cola Corporation


Robert has a unique ability to connect with your audience because he understands what it means to have to break through barriers. His methods are concrete and his results are quantifiable and speak for themselves. Just look at what some of the top leaders in the industry are saying about Mr. Parkerson, then decide for yourself. When it comes to giving nuggets of information that work in the real world, there is no one else that is better.
Gwen Hutchinson, Diversified Risk Consultants, Dover, DE


Let’s face it, we all perform better when we have someone encouraging and inspiring us. (If this were not true; why would the top income earners,professional athletes and businesses hire coaches or consultants?)


Please allow us to introduce you to Mr. James Malinchak. You may remember Mr. Malinchak from Season 1 of ABC’s “Secret Millionaire.” You can find him online at www.malinchak.com. Mr. Malinchak has been in the speaking and speaker training business for many years and says that Mr. Parkerson’s presentation is one of the best he has ever seen. SEE FOR YOURSELF!

Next, let’s visit with a man who is a bodybuilder/strength trainer and trains athletes from all over the world in their off season. His name is Coach Jonathan Conneely (or Coach JC, as he is known to his clients.) Coach JC is one of the most successful small business owners and serial entrepreneurs in the country! He has had MAJOR success in his life and can be found at www.coachjc.com. This guy takes a ”no b.s.” approach to business and to life. He is certainly one of Mr. Parkerson’s most highly respected business acquaintances. TAKE A LOOK!

Mr. Parkerson himself attends many seminars through out the course of the year to make sure that he stays on the cutting edge of things and to keep himself sharp for you and your team. Doing so, he meets some of the most interesting and certainly wealthy people in the U.S. from all walks of life and all industries. Mr. Forest Hamilton is no exception to this. A very young entrepreneur who has been massively successful, Mr. Hamilton runs a multi-million dollar gold bullion company, which you can find at www.universalcoin.com. After seeing Mr. Parkerson speak and train a group of over 700 top leaders and entrepreneurs in Los Angeles, Mr. Hamilton said this:


There ARE secrets!!! There are things that you PROBABLY were not taught that you MUST know in order to live a more fulfilling life!

Robert Parkerson in Hollywood, CA, on the red carpet with Dr. Bill Dorfman of ABC’s “Extreme Makeover” and CBS’s “The Doctors.” Of course, we probably all recognize Sir Anthony Hopkins of “Silence of the Lambs,” “Hannibal,” “Thor,” “Beowulf,” “Fracture,” and over 80 other movies. And then, my biggest hero of all, my mother, Marsha Parkerson.

Dr. Bill Dorfman, next to Emmy Award winning actress Marcia Cross (who has also won THREE Golden Globe and FIVE Screen Actors Guild awards, and is best know for her latest role on “Desperate Housewives,”) with myself, then Screen Actors Guild winner Patricia Heaton, (best known for her role on “Everybody Loves Raymond,” then of course the incredible “Big Money Speaker” himself, James Malinchak, (most known for his incredible philanthropy on ABC’s “Secret Millionaire.”)

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