Stan Livesay, Northwest Florida Regional Manager and Executive Director for Legalshield, Inc

Dr. Susan Ferreira, Canada's Leading Anesthesiologist

Katherine O'Brien, Owner of Celtic College Consultants, Inc.

“I have to say that I very much appreciate the honest and forthright approach given by Mr. Robert Parkerson, in our annual convention this year. The speech was dead-on and the energy was electric. I looked around the room at our sales team as they were watching you speak and they were truly mesmerized by your talk. I am certain that you were able to reach people in a way that no other speaker in the past had done. The results will ultimately speak for themselves, but I have gotten enormous feedback and the consensus has been that both your speaking and your book have not only motivated and inspired us; but the how-to’s really do work! We are so grateful for your help with our team.
 I would recommend Robert Parkerson to any organization who is seeking to increase their sales numbers.”
Jerry Hutchinson - Regional F&I Director, General Motors Corporation, Detroit, MI

“The best way for us to describe Mr. Parkerson is ‘incredibly effective.’ His presentation is the single best answer to companies who want to see their employees/agents become more profitable than they have ever been. Forget learning all of those complicated ‘closing techniques’ and ‘closes,’ all you really need are Robert’s principles! He has a track record of tremendous success in helping companies energize, engage, and empower their top leaders to new levels of success.”
Anne Yung - Coca-Cola Corporation

“If you are ready to attract more prospects, sales, and referrals, then absorb the information taught by Robert Parkerson. He gives you simple ideas for growing your sales.”
James Malinchak - Best Selling Author and Professional Speaker featured on ABC’s hit TV show, “Secret Millionaire”

“I want to tell everyone who has an interest, that Robert Parkerson is the best speaker that we have had in our company. I was amazed at the way he kept my employees engaged and interested. This is no easy task. I was also impressed by the professionalism and dedication to excellence, which he demonstrated from the day we first started discussing my event. There were actually other speakers that we had previously used which were passed over in order to work with Robert. I have received several positive comments and a couple of requests to have Robert back next year. I can assure you, that we fully intend to do so. Thanks, Robert, for making me look good to my staff and for doing a truly superb job!”
Bill Nall, Sr. Executive Vice President, Aegon Securities Group

“Robert Parkerson has helped me amazingly in the implementation of my new company. The first work we did together was worth a fortune to the company as well as to myself. He was able to teach me tips on how to be a top runner in my field. He has well thought out marketing strategies that can make one successful both personally and professionally. By using his success tips I am often able to seal the deal with clients in the lumber industry . If you want real marketing that works and effective implementation – where you know you will get the results- use Robert. When a lot is riding on a sale, you have to be sure that the outcomes will be positive and I can’t thank Robert enough for assisting me in getting me where I am today.”
Brenda Thomas - Co-Owner of Contractor’s Choice Lumber LLC, Shawano, WI

“As principle owner of MainStreet Financial Group, I have enjoyed knowing and working with Robert for over twenty years. It was good to be able to bring him back again to speak to our sales team at our annual retreat in Sandestin, Florida, which is reserved only for the top 10% of our national sales force. He provided us with the necessary tools as well as self confidence to actually reset our previously determined sales goals to a level around 15% higher than what we had determined before the conference. I am confident that when our team puts into practice these principles, the revised sales goal will even be passed months before our deadline! Thank you, Robert. You are truly worth your weight in $$$!”
Coleman Orr - Principle-MainStreet Financial Group, Atlanta, GA

“Our organization now saves time, money and energy by simply plugging in these principles. We don’t have to think, create or work nearly as much or nearly as hard and we are all making more money than we ever have. It has become so much easier now that we know Robert’s secrets and just plug them in!”
Gwen Hutchinson - President Diversified Risk Management Solutions - Dover, DE

“I met Mr. Parkerson years ago, and hired him to speak to an organization of sales professionals. We have had numerous speakers come in throughout the years, but have never had the impact or feedback from our organization after an event like we had after Mr. Parkerson spoke for the first time. This is exactly why we have chosen to use him repeatedly, and will continue to do so as often as possible. He has increased our organizations’ production and focus to a level that has proven itself profitable time and time again. Robert is truly the MASTER of relationship and influence sales strategies. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.”
Kevin Mohler, President, KMU, Daphne, AL

“Robert Parkerson shows you how to build trust and credibility with every prospect, and sell more than you ever thought possible.”
Brian Tracy - Best Selling Author, Speaker and Founder of “The Psychology of Achievement”

“Robert’s keys are ‘spot on.’ Salespeople in any industry would greatly benefit by following this sage advice. Implement the keys that Robert teaches and watch your sales soar!”
Roberta Ross - America’s Six Figure Real Estate Coach, McMurray, PA

“I want you to know that Robert Parkerson is the real deal! Very few people have influenced me as much as Mr. Parkerson. His enthusiasm and knowledge is without exception. I spent over ten years with the U.S. Chamber of Commerce in sales and sales management. Mr. Parkerson’s teaching far exceeds any training that I have EVER experienced. After attending his seminar, my production increased by 30-40% in REAL dollars. He made me rethink everything, from a business and a motivational perspective. You would think after 35 years, I should have remembered these valuable truths. His seminars are second to no one and his books are a must read, read and read again for everyone that deals with people.”
Rodney Holder - President, Be Safe Solutions

“Just a note to thank you for inspiring my audience, pushing them to become better, and believing in all of us. You have taught us all how to summon our courage, find our purpose, tap into our passion, hone our vision and drive toward our goals. You have reminded our members how to make each day count and have a “can-do” attitude. It is refreshing to know that you truly want us to win. There is no way to put a price tag on that! We are very grateful.”
James Keesler – Senior Partner, Dobbs Financial Group

“Robert is a phenomenal speaker! Instantly from the moment he begins you can relate with him on every level. His inevitable ability to engage with every member of the audience is unparalleled to any other speaker I have heard.”
Nicholas Holloway – President, GTech IT & Business Solutions

“We just had Robert speak at an event in North Florida and he did a GREAT presentation. I would highly recommend you book Robert for your next event!”
Stan Livesay – Platinum Executive Director, LegalShield, Inc.

“Robert Parkerson truly is a sales master! I have been in sales all of my life and it is funny how we veterans tend to forget the basics that got us there. After attending his seminar; I was reminded of the basic, simple procedures in the sales process that cause people to not only ask to buy from me, but to tell everyone they know to do the same. I have one word for this seminar, book and its teacher: RESULTS! If you are tired of trying to muddle through all of the clutter and noise out there and would like the distilled, honest truth of how to be effective; Robert Parkerson is your man.”
David Wellington – seminar attendee, Chicago, IL

“Robert, I am still getting positive feedback from our sales staff. I have also seen a marked improvement in our numbers as well as the willingness for our staff to work as a team since your training that I believe to be directly related to your talk. 
I look forward to having you return next year. You have truly blessed my organization with your selfless servitude and incredible message. Thank you, again.”
Randy Rogers - CEO, The Lincoln Group