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Leading families into financial security for generations.

Generating massive college funding for your children without compromising years of retirement preparations.

Establishing rock-solid financial foundations during mid-life, delivering stress-free & peaceful golden years. 

Experiencing a life of fun, during the best years, while securing an inheritance for your children's children.

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We maximize scholarships, grants and endowments in ways that the average consumer has no idea how to access. Our goal in the college planning process is to maximize funding for students while maintaining the dignity of the parents’ retirement and savings accounts and getting the student to graduate with little or no student loan debt.

  • Do you know the top 3 mistakes that parents make when planning for college and applying for grants/scholarships? 

  • What is the single most overlooked MAJOR factor in a college’s decision to accept a student and give them any type of award from the school?

  • When is the absolute worst time to make campus visits?

  • Why are 72% of all FAFSA applications filled out incorrectly? (but they accept them anyway)

  • What is the average student loan debt owed after graduation and how could you reduce or eliminate it?

  • You have goals? We have decades of ideas...

    We educate middle income, every-day Americans on the things that they do not teach you in school: things like HOW compound interest works, whether for you or against you. Our goal with each client is to simplify the financial planning process, where others intentionally complicate it to keep you confused. We want you to get the RIGHT information in order to make the best decisions for you and your family so that you don’t miss out on important and even critical moves at the right times. This could mean issues with your personal IRA, your 401k or even real estate. We show you how to beat the two biggest enemies of savings….taxes and inflation. Are your investments properly protected? Are you properly hedged against the blood-sucking tax system? We will be happy to take a look and give you a FREE initial consultation!

  • Could I be contributing too much to my 401k?

  • What is the difference in a Roth IRA and a “Super Roth?”

  • Why is real estate a great investment sometimes and other times a horrible one?

  • Is a high risk account really better for a higher return?

  • How many years does it take for money to double?

  • You have goals? We have decades of ideas...

    Have you ever been told that you should have a will? What if I told you that in most cases, a will is the absolute WORST legal document that you ever sign? Are you nearing retirement? What are you going to do about getting your money out of your 401k and into your own account? Are you concerned with protecting your nest egg or would you rather roll the dice? Are there methods that you may not have been taught that can save you thousands or maybe tens of thousands in taxes when you retire? How can you leave your assets to your family WITHOUT probate, attorneys and other cash vampires stealing everything you have worked for your entire life in the legal process of succession? We specialize in protecting what you have built your entire life, setting up income streams for your golden years and giving you the freedom to enjoy what you have earned. 

  • Should I move my money out of my 401k when I retire or should I leave it?

  • Why is a “Last Will and Testament” the absolute WORST legal document that you can ever create?

  • What is the right strategy in the event that I need a care plan in my golden years?

  • How do I avoid being a victim of the many frauds and scams out there?

  • Is a reverse mortgage EVER a good idea?

  • You have goals? We have decades of ideas...

    Have you thought about starting a business? Do you currently own a business and need tax/retirement or even exit strategies and planning that maximize your returns? If you are in a business partnership, do you know what a buy/sell agreement is and why it is critical to your partnership? Do you need to get incorporated to protect your personal assets as an individual or small business? At Real Financial Solutions, we have assisted many small business owners in creating corporate charters. We will even get your TIN or EIN registration done for you at no additional cost as a client of our business solutions division. We also offer access to free personal or business legal documents of all types with a membership in our legal services plans. 

  • Is a C-Corp, an S-Corp, or an LLC best for my business situation?

  • How do I incorporate and are there advantages in certain states that other states don’t have?

  • What do I need to know about marketing strategies that work 100% of the time to grow your business?

  • What is SEO and how does it affect my business; and how do I blow the doors off my competition with SEO?

  • How can I get an affordable marketing platform and website that drives traffic right to my front door?

  • You have goals? We have decades of ideas...

    Serving Is Our Mission

    “I want to tell everyone who has an interest that Robert Parkerson is the best financial advisor that we have had in our company. I was amazed at the way he kept my employees engaged and interested in matters to do with their 401k’s and even other types of retirement planning vehicles. That is certainly not an easy task. I have never in 32 years of HR seen anyone engage my employees the way Robert did. Most of the employees dread open enrollment. After this year’s event, many have said how much they learned and how “different” it was than in times past.I was also impressed by the professionalism and dedication to excellence which he demonstrated from the day that we first discussed my event. There were actually other speakers that we had previously used which were passed over in order to work with Robert. I have received several positive comments and a couple of requests to have Robert back next year. I can assure you, that we fully intend to do so. Thanks, Robert, for making me look good to my superiors and employees and for a truly superb job. I wish you great blessings and if I can EVER help you as a referral source, I am more than happy to sing your praises.”

    Kerry Herman

    Dallas, Texas

    "I have to say that I very much appreciate the honest and forthright approach given by each of the team members of Real Financial Solutions, LLC., in our annual convention this year. The speech that Robert gave was spot-on and the energy was electric. I looked around the room at our sales team as they were watching Robert speak and they were truly mesmerized by the talk. Robert was able to reach people in a way that no other speaker/trainer in the past had done. It is SO important for our staff to understand the basics and fundamentals of HOW to properly save for their future. It is equally as important that they understand just how much difference there is in a protected vs. a non-protected account. The results will ultimately speak for themselves, but I have gotten enormous feedback and the consensus has been that both your content and your relatability with the “little guy or gal,” that the big brokerage houses don’t want to be bothered with, makes you a real hero to all of us! I do believe that the simplest things ARE often the most profound and when things are simple, they are understood. We are so grateful for your help with our team. I would recommend Robert Parkerson to any organization who is seeking to get real answers from a top level pro who hasn’t forgotten his roots and fights for the average family."

    Southeastern Division F&I Specialist - General Motors Corporation

    Jerry Hutchinson

    Dallas, Texas

    "Mr. Parkerson,

    I want to thank you and your team, (especially Jennifer,) for helping me with my college planning. I have to be honest….I wasn’t sure that I was going to like having someone tell me what to do when it came to the college planning process. I felt like our school counselors were there to do that and I felt like they did a good job. I guess you don’t know what you don’t know. I had no idea how much more was involved that my counselors never made me aware of. I don’t think that it was because they were holding information back. I just feel like that they have far too many students to work with to get everything to every student. I really have to say now that I am so grateful that I have had the opportunity to work with you and Jennifer, as well as the patient and kind people at College Funding Solutions. My initial offer from Texas A&M was 3800 dollars. After Jennifer instructed me on what to do to appeal that offer and HOW to do it; my new offer was almost 12,000 DOLLARS! I cannot believe it! I have told ALL of my friends to contact your office and to immediately get enrolled in your program! Jennifer is a MAJOR asset to not only you and RFS, but to everyone that she meets! I will be forever grateful for the way you helped me, my mom and my dad, to get a quality education without bankrupting our family. May God bless you both."

    Student-McKinney North High School

    Emily S.

    McKinney, Texas

    Meet Our Family

    Robert Parkerson

    Agency Director

    Robert Parkerson began his financial career in April, 1994 as an insurance agent for Life of Georgia. He transformed from insurance to college, career, and tax advantaged consulting in 1997 by launching his career as an agent with MainStreet Financial Group, quickly becoming the youngest full partner in the firm after only 18 months. He has been at Real Financial Solutions, LLC... for over two decades now. When Robert's customers learned of his move, over 92% followed him. When Robert becomes your Trusted Advisor and Fiduciary, he intends to be with you for life. Robert loves eclectic dishes, outdoor fun, health and fitness.

    Gerald Trevarthen

    Senior Partner

    Gerald Trevarthen began his career in June, 1964 as a broker in the Property and Casualty Business in Alabama. He joined Real Financial Solutions, LLC., in 2004 and added a whole new line of business solutions for his existing, and already massive, book of business. His customers love him and many have been with him for over thirty-five years! Gerald is very heavily involved in foreign mission work with the remote tribes within the bush-country areas of Africa. 

    Jennifer Rollins

    Junior Partner

    Jennifer Rollins began her investment career in June, 2000 as a planner with Wells Fargo Investment Advisors. She left WFIA in 2005 and became an agent with Real Financial Solutions, LLC. She is a Million Dollar Round Table Producer and consistently is top agent for several of our provider companies. Jennifer hikes in her spare time and loves practicing archery.

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